Thought For The Day

—Thought for the day—

I’ve been going through Journals and Stories I’ve written over the years because I’m slowly writing a book and have to decide what to put in and what to leave out.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I, like you, am trying my best to navigate my way thru life. To “Walk” through life the best I can.

Yes, I have Spina Bifida, but that’s not everything about me.
Spina Bifida is one thing that I have and live with while “Walking thru this life.”

I’m sure that you, too, have something you have to live with as you walk thru life.
But it doesn’t define you.

The whole point of starting my website was not only to bring awareness to Spina Bifida but to show that Spina Bifida doesn’t wholly define me.
Spina Bifida is just one ingredient in the recipe of my life.


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