It’s Sunday.
I’ve showered and changed my Wafers and Bandages.
I then placed a Medical Order for the out-of-pocket items that I purchase on a monthly basis. Sometimes only after two weeks.

The dogs are fed, and the truck is warm. —I almost broke off into a poem there.
It’s sprinkling outside. A bit gloomy looking. Still, though, Tommy the Dawg and I are going to go for a ride around the mountain.

I watched “Midsomer Murders” on TV yesterday.
Today I’m watching “Everybody Loves Raymond.” It’s good to laugh and keep yourself distracted on days like today.

I have five Snowglobes sitting on my crafts table that I believe I will work on today. These all fit correctly and will look good if I finish them.
And today will be a good day for working on crafts.
Keep the hands busy and the mind focused on something other than the gloominess outside.

That’s all for now.

Love you,