Medical Test Results

I received all of my test results in my Patient Portal today.

All of the tests, eight pages worth, have some irregularities within the pages.

I do have a Kidney Infection. I knew that already. I also told them that I keep a Kidney Infection.
I have a Foley Catheter inserted into “Lenny,” my Urostomy, which only aids in keeping an infection.
The goal is to keep the infection under control.

I found a few “Low” values and a few “High” values within the pages about Blood Tests.

My White Blood Cell Count is 11.
4.0 – 10.0 is considered a “Normal Range.”
I’ll admit that it’s been 11 many times before. If memory serves me right, I usually only get Hospitalized if it’s 14 or above.
But, when mixed in with all these other “High” and “Low” values, I’m not sure what to expect.
I left a message for the doctor or the Nurse practitioner to call me back.

That’s the latest concerning my Medical Tests.

Love you,