Christmas In The Mountains

—Christmas In The Mountains—

Today, my Aunt, her friend, and I decorated the Cabin for Christmas.
That’s the whole reason for the trip up here.

When Mom and Papa began renting out the Cabin, we didn’t think about setting aside days for us to come up and decorate.
And, the place is rented from now thru New Year.

I brought the decorations from home, and we set everything up.
The place didn’t seem Christmassy enough, though.

The family that is renting the Cabin for Thanksgiving and Christmas also rented it last year during the same time.
So, I decided that my Christmas Gift to Momma and Papa would be more decorations for the Cabin.
I figure the family staying here would like it, plus it would be a help to Momma and Papa and the Cabin.

My Aunt and her friend both said that I needed to go to “Old Time Pottery” for all my Christmas needs. Although, I’ll admit that I didn’t believe them—at first…

Right after walking through the door, I turned into a bit of a kid. Some might say, “Like a kid in a candy store.”

The employees had put out isles and isles of Christmas stock.
They had Christmas items that I had never seen. All for pretty cheap.

Many of the workers and shoppers stopped what they were doing to come and see what I was doing.

I went through the store, just grabbing things off the shelf and throwing it into my buggy.

“Oh, wow! Look at this! We gotta have this at the ol’ Cabin.”

“Oh wow! Look at this Church!”

“A Santa Boot!”

I’m big on buying things that I do not have to assemble, and everything I purchased, I could take back to the Cabin and set it out immediately. “Set it and forget it!”

I got six “Nutcracker” Statues, Present Boxes to put under the Christmas Tree, as well as mini Christmas Trees to go in each bedroom.
Then, as the employee put other things on the shelf, I threw them in my buggy. I was on a Christmas Shopping High.

I got a Church for the living room table. It even lights up.
A Santa Boot for the dining room table— It has a floral arrangement coming out the top. (I guess it’s called that)

Now, everything I had thrown into my buggy was anywhere from $2.99 to $14.99, so that you’ll know.
Everything will be easy to store in a “tote box,” and no assembly is required.

My Aunt and her Friend said that the real treat for them was watching me.
The best part for me was buying things that will be a part of this Cabin’s life for years after I’ve gone.

And the Cabin looks all Christmassy now.

Allow me to be the first to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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