The Local Guy

—The Local Guy—

I ran down to the bottom of the mountain tonight to get some Diet Cokes and to see the fellas.

Over the years, I’ve become friends with a few of the guys that work at the store at the bottom of the mountain.

“Steve” was working tonight along with one of the newer guys.
As I walked in, I was met with the sweet aroma of some great-smelling food.

“Luke,” the newer guy had brought some of his great-smelling home cooking in and was sharing it with “Steve.”

They were laughing and cutting up and enjoying dinner together.

“That smells great!” I said. “I had a ‘Potted Meat’ sandwich for dinner…”

“Well, I’m sorry you had to come in here and smell this then.”

We laughed.

“‘Luke’ cooks all the time. He’s pure Italian and is an incredible cook.”

“Oh, I have a couple of Italian friends who also love to cook.”

“Yeah,” Luke says, “It’s in our blood. My Grandma cooked, my Ma cooked, and now I cook.” He continued, “Grandma only cooked Italian. Ma cooked Italian, and she would cook other things now and then. I cook everything, though.”

“We eat like this all the time,” Steve said. “It’s more than just the food, though. It’s the getting together and talking. The bonding.”

I broke in, “The breaking of bread with your friends. The socializing.”


I added, “If you’re having a great time, laughing, talking, cutting up; even if the food is not that great, it will still be a great meal.”


“‘Luke,’ let me ask you, is ‘Best Italian’ in ‘Elks Plaza’ the best Italian here?”

“It’s good. It is good. There is also ‘Taste Of Italy’ across from ‘Food City,’ next to a liquor store, that is great. An Italian Family from ‘Brooklyn owns it,’ and it’s great food.”
“They’re my people. I’m from ‘Brooklyn.'”

Luke then asks, “You’re local, right?”

Steve laughs, “He’s actually from Alabama, but he’s up here more than he’s down there. You’d think he was local. He’ll tell me he’s leaving to head back, and then next week he’s back!”

I laugh.

Luke says, “I see you so much; I thought you were local.”

I think I’m going to go and try “Taste Of Italy” tomorrow.
I’ve also decided to get them both a gift certificate to “Taste Of Italy” since I now know they both like it.

I mean, since the Cabin is rented up to New Year, I won’t be back until 2022, so I won’t get to see them at Christmas time or anytime until I can get back.
… And, I think the fellas would like that.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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