The Fellas

—The Fellas—

I wrote in a previous post that I had found out about “Taste Of Italy” from the fellas at the store, located at the bottom of the mountain and that I was going to take them a Gift Certificate as a “Thank You.”

I did that tonight.

“Steve” and “Luke” were both working tonight when I walked in.

“How was ‘Taste Of Italy?'”

“The best. That other place is now ranked second.”

“I knew you’d love it. I was thinkin’ about you earlier and wondering if you went.”

“Yep. The owner, “Geraldine,” said for you to come and see her.”

“Oh yeah? She and my Pop are friends.”

“Yeah. I got y’all a gift for being so nice to me every time I come up here and for turning me onto that restaurant.”
I then handed them the gift certificates.

We all shook hands, and “Thank You” was said by all of us a couple of times.

“Luke” used to be a Commodities Dealer on Wall Street in the ’80s.

During that time, he purchased 60 acres with two cabins here in the mountains.

He is now retired and living on that property in one of the cabins. His parents live in the other cabin.

He did what many people do when they have a career they love— put off getting married and having children until he was older.
He got married around the age of 40.
They then had a child.
That child is now in his first semester of College.

Luke retired from the company on Wall Street and then moved to Gatlinburg.
He has a part-time job to keep himself busy.

I was able to pick his brain about things I should do if I ever make it to New York.
I’ve always wanted to go but have been too scared to do it.
Luke made it seem possible, though. He made it not seem as bad as I make it out in my mind.

I told them that I wouldn’t be back until after the New Year.
We then all exchanged information. After that, I added them both to my contacts on my phone.

We are going to try and go to lunch one day when I get back up here.

Before I left, we all shook hands, and they wished me “Safe Travels.”

I’m gonna miss seeing them, but I have to get back home and give the renters a chance to come and enjoy “Christmas In The Mountains.”

I head home in the morning.

That’s all from “Grand View Mountain Chalet.”

Love you,



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