Health Update

—To Family and Friends Who Keep Up with My Health—

I’ve completed all of my medical appointments and medical tests.
Now, I sit and wait for the results to be sent to my patient portal.
I should hear something today.

My doctor did tell me not to be surprised if I did end up having to go to the hospital, though.
It all depends on my White Blood Cell Count.

They checked my Immune System Numbers as well to see if my Immune System was weakened. The doctor told me those tests weren’t perfect, but they would give him an idea if my Immune System was in a weakened state.
I’m told that COVID, which I had around December 12th, will weaken your Immune System.

The Night Sweats could indicate that my body is fighting off an infection of some sort. So, again, they want to know what my White Blood Cell Count is.

Today, though, I feel great!

And now, hopefully, I can get back to writing something.

That’s all for now.

Love you,