“Lou.” That was his name.
We met in Kindergarten and quickly became best friends.

I didn’t tell him about my Spina Bifida or about my Diaper, which made “Spend the Nights” a bit tricky.

Our home was around Eight Hundred Square Feet with a Bathroom the size of most people’s closets. And we only had one Bathroom.
So, I had to hide my diapers when he came over to spend the night.
It was tricky, but his friendship was worth it.
Looking back on it, I could’ve come out and told him about my Spina Bifida. Keep reading, though.

I told you “Spend the Nights” were hard when he came over. It was even trickier when I went to his house.
I remember telling him I couldn’t come over to Spend the Night with him many times. He couldn’t figure out why.
I told Momma I wanted to go Spend the Night with Lou but didn’t know how to pull it off. Leave it to Momma to solve her Sons problem.

Mom called Lous Parents and explained everything, even explaining that I wanted to keep it a secret from Lou.
So, Mom took me over to Lou’s to spend the night.
Mom went in and put my “Supplies” in their Bathroom. Everything I needed was hidden under the sink.
Mom kissed her Son and left.

Lou and I had a great time.
We played in the woods a lot.
The Bathroom situation was easy. Everything was under the sink, just as planned.
On about the third day, though, I was in the Bathroom.
I had locked the door behind me and was changing my Diaper.
All of a sudden, Lou walked in on me.
See, they had two doors going to their Bathroom. Two. I remember asking myself, “Who has two doors going to a Bathroom?”
I figured the other door was to a closet.
One door came from the Hallway, and the other came from the Master Bedroom.

Lou pulled the door back shut. I knew he had seen everything, though.
After all, I was standing there with my pants down and a Diaper on me when he walked in.
I took my time getting dressed. I probably forgot to wash my hands.

I slowly walked out.
Lou looked at me. Our eyes made contact.
And at that moment, we communicated without saying a word.
It was going to be okay. Lou didn’t think any less of me.

We stayed Friends.
I remember the last time I saw Lou.
He spent the night with me.
My parents had divorced, and I was about to move to Virginia with my Mom.
I was Thirteen when I said bye to Lou.

Today, as I was driving to meet a Friend at his Parent’s house, I was thinking about that Story.
I had a couple of Snow Globes to give as gifts.

I pulled into the driveway and parked.
I got out of my Vehicle; a grin grew on my face.

“It’s good seeing you,” I said.
And then Lou and I hugged.

“Here, I made this Snowglobe for your Daughter.”