Morning Journal Entry 12/3/2022

The day started with Mom, Papa, and I calling my Uncle to Sing Happy Birthday to him over the Phone.
I think he’s Thirty Years Old now.
That’s not bad for a man who worked over Thirty-Five Years before Retiring.
And he still keeps a side job.

We then cooked Oatmeal. Quaker Oatmeal. The kind you have to cook on the Stove.
As the man said in “My Cousin Vinny,” “No self-respecting Southerner uses Instant Grits,” the same can be said of Oatmeal. We take pride in our gr…er…Oatmeal. —And grits…

I made Eight Pieces of Buttered Toast to go with the Oatmeal.
Coffee got made, and Milk was set out on the table.

Afterward, I took my morning meds, including my insulin, and jumped in the shower.

It’s now after 10:00 Central Standard Time, and I’m ready to get this day started.

Have a Great Day.

Love you,


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