Mississippi Delta Update

What a day.

I’ll wait ’till I return back home to write about this trip.
Until then, I’ll just say it has been a good day.

I’m currently in a Motel Room somewhere in Mississippi.
If you know me, you know I enjoy Motel Rooms. Places such as “Motel 6” or “Days Inn.”
My travel companions, My Brother, and my Dad, enjoy Hotels.
Well, the first three Hotels we tried were Full-Up for the night.
So, “Days Inn” to the rescue.
I’m happily sitting in my Single Room typing this while they are sharing a double-bed-room.

I’ve learned a lot about Mississippi today.
Do you know what the State Bird for Mississippi is? The Mockingbird.
State Flower and Tree? Magnolia.
How about the State Shell? Only a few know that one. It’s the Oyster Shell. Yep.

The thing I learned about the most, though, was “The Blues.”
Or, more precisely, “The Delta Blues.”
I’m in the Mississippi Delta.

Some things you have to go and see for yourself. You have to hear it for yourself.
You have to Smell the air, Touch the ground, and maybe even visit a Blues Legends Grave.
And, if you get the chance, go to a “Blues Joint” in the Mississippi Delta on a Friday Night and listen to the Blues getting played.
Yes, some things you have to see and hear for yourself.

For now, I’m going to turn the air down to 65, turn on the TV, and get into my Single Bed.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll all get some Breakfast and return home.
I’ll then be able to get my thoughts together and write more about this

That’s all for now.

Love you,