After Thanksgiving

Another successful Thanksgiving.

Guess what? We didn’t eat my Pecan Pies!
We just realized it. We thought we did, but we didn’t.

See, it turns out that someone else also brought two Pecan Pies, and we all ate those thinking they were the ones I made.
Including me.

Tonight, after most everyone had left, we found my two pies sitting untouched on the counter.

It’s kinda funny if you think about it.

So, now I get to eat all of my Pie myself.

I have to get up in the morning because I am taking a Road Trip to Mississippi with my Oldest Brother and Dad.

I hope to be able to write about it and get some inspiration that I desperately need.
We will stay one night in Mississippi and come back to the Great State of Alabama on Saturday.

We are driving Back Roads. We will be traveling the “Blues Highway.”
More on that from the Hotel Room tomorrow night or when I return home on Saturday Night.

Love you,