Thanksgiving Eve 2022

—Thanksgiving Eve 2022—

For this Thanksgiving, 2022, I’ve Baked two Pecan Pies.
I’m usually the “Ice and Cups” bringer. Not this year, though.

Every man should know how to make at least one pie, and the one I learned to make is Pecan. I’ve got the recipe perfected, too. —Listen at me bragging…— But, if you got it, flaunt it. And I ain’t got much to flaunt, so I’m gonna flaunt this all day long tomorrow.

I’m also going to make a Cheese and Meat Tray this year.
I’ve been doing that for the past several years.
This year I picked out a couple of Cheeses that people have liked in the past, and I also got some “New to me” Cheeses for this year.

The Meats for the tray are Hard Salami and Pepperoni.
I picked out several different types of Salami. Some Garlic, some hot, etc.

I had to get up at 5 am to begin cooking my Pies.
See, Mom and her helpers will be using the Kitchen and the Oven all day long to cook for tomorrow. So, I had to get mine done and get out of the way.

I did have to run back over to “The Pig” for some last-minute items.
The place was pretty packed, but nothing interesting happened to me while I was there this time.

That’s all for now.

Love you,