Pre Show

I’m going out tonight with my older brother and dad. My anxiety is high.

Earlier today, I ran up to Huntsville, Alabama, to see my Psychiatrist.
She says it’s good to get out. I wouldn’t expect her to say anything less. She is always positive.

My anxiety is high because I’ll be out of my comfort zone.
The show we’re going to see doesn’t even start until 8 PM tonight, and I would usually already be in bed.
It also means we will be out until at least 10 PM.
Then, I won’t get back to my car until 10:30ish unless we stop to eat. Which, If we do, I’m hoping for Waffle House.

Before the show, we’re grabbing a bite to eat at Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham. I’m excited about that. I’ve written about Dreamland. Remember? Their ribs have “Snap.”
And they are delicious.

I’ll get a half-a-slab and a side of plain white loaf bread, and some BBQ dipping sauce.
That in itself will be enough to lower my anxiety and get me in the mood for our night out.
That reminds me, I need to pocket my insulin and a canned Coke.

Where are we going?
The Alabama Theater. Or is it “Theatre?”
Actually, it is “Theatre.” A friend emailed me and let me know.

I’ll “Journal” my night out either late tonight or tomorrow.
I’m guessing I’ll be sleeping a lot come tomorrow.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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