Pulmonary Doctor Visit

I saw my sleep doctor today.
On our “Family” Microsoft Calendar that we share, it simply said, “Pulmonary Appointment.”
It didn’t have the doctor’s name or anything.
I honestly thought it was for mom or Papa, but it ended up being my appointment.
I got a good report about my CPAP use, and I was happy about that, but there is still not much that can be done with my Night Terrors and my Acting out in my sleep.
Science has not come a long way in this area.
I’ve heard some patients put a mattress on the floor and sleep on that—no real bed. You’re less likely to hurt yourself in that situation.

Me? I have to sleep with the TV or Music playing.
Complete silence makes my “Terrors” much worse.
When sleeping in complete silence, the littlest sound turns into a gunshot in my mind.
If it doesn’t turn into a “gunshot,” then my mind turns it into the cocking of a gun. Then I jump up screaming, “NO! Don’t!” and sometimes fall out of bed and onto my face.

I’ll give you the example I gave my doctor:
If it’s total silence in the room, and I’m sleeping well, and “Tommy the Dawg” decides to move; his movements will, in my mind, turn into something related to my best friend’s suicide.
I’ll hear it as the cocking of a gun, or a gunshot, for example.

But if I play the TV and put it on “The Andy Griffith Show,” I act out much less.
In fact, I might dream about “The Andy Griffith Show.”
I might even go on an adventure with Andy and Ol’ Barn.

Now, I can’t leave this Journal Entry as it is now.
No. I’ll have to end this with something good.

After leaving the Doc’s office, I stopped by “PF Changs” for my 4 PM dinner.

The place was not busy at all.
Still, I sat at the bar.
I’ve learned that you can get your meal much quicker if you sit at the bar.
So, I hopped up on a chair.

“Welcome, Sir! What can I get for you this afternoon?”

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not a drinker anymore. Still, I like to sit at the bar. Is it okay if I sit here?”

“No problem at all. What can I get you to drink? We have Coke Products, Water, Coffee, and Tea.”

“I’ll have a Sweet Tea, please.”

I had checked my Blood Sugar before leaving the Doc’s office, and it was running low. I had a Coke in my truck but had decided to wait until I got to PF Changs to get a Sweet Tea.
The Tea was good. Not too sweet and not too Unsweet.

To eat, I ordered the following:

Bang Bang Shrimp for my Appetizer
Hot and Sour Soup
Egg Rolls
Pepper Steak

“That’s the same thing I get when I eat. You’re going to enjoy your meal, Sir.”

“Thank you. I think I’ll like it too.”

And I did.
The food was great, and the service was excellent.

And, when the bartender brought me my ticket, I read that I could pay for my meal using my Smart Phone, and you know I wanted to try that option.
So, I scanned the ticket with my Phone’s camera, and it brought my bill up on my Phone.
I paid using my Credit Card and was able to also leave a tip.

“I like that feature,” I told my bartender.

“Yes. It helps me a lot when it’s a busy night and I have a full house. It helps out a lot. A whole lot.”

“Do you want me to box up your leftovers for you?”

“Yes, please. I’ll take it home. My Niece will like it.”

He boxed my leftovers up, and I bid him good night and left.

It was a good day.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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