Birmingham Alabama VA part 2

The Family Waiting Room at the VA was nice.

It had three couches and four recliners. The recliners went all the way back so that you could sleep in them.

A Restroom was next door, as well as the Chapel. I visited both.

The Ambassador on duty kept everyone comfortable and entertained in the Waiting Room.

“Anyone need a blanket?” he asked.
—Many people were lying down, trying to sleep.

One man shouts from his recliner, “Yeah, I’ll take one.”

“Yes, Sir. You want anything else while I’m up?”

“It’d be nice if you could read me a story to help me go to sleep.”
Everyone laughed. The Ambassador brought the blanket, placed it over the man, and sat next to the man. He then opened the book he was reading and began reading it aloud. Again, the room erupted into laughter.

I like reading real books, usually. However, I have recently downloaded the Kindle App and the Audible App. I have also repurchased books that I already owned in paperback so that I could read them on Kindle or listen to them on Audible. And I have gotten hooked on Audible.

In the waiting room, though, I opened the Kindle App on my phone and began reading my book.
It does have some sorta-nice-features. For example, I like that you have to “Swipe” your finger to “turn” the page on Kindle.
I also like that it defines some words. However, I did have to adjust that feature so that it doesn’t explain almost all of the words.
“I’m not that stupid,” I thought to myself as I adjusted the setting.

After reading several chapters of my book, the Ambassador hollard my name. “Thomas!”
“Here!” I shouted.
The Ambassador gave the universal signal by holding the phone’s receiver up in the air.

“Hello? This is Lynn.”

“Hey, Mr. Thomas, everything went well, and he is in recovery. You can come to room six on the third floor.”

I go to my Dad.
He had a clear patch over his right eye. Tape was over the patch to keep it in place.

“He’ll have to wear this for 24-hours. Then, he can take it off.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She handed Dad a card for him to keep in his wallet.
It tells emergency workers, nurses, and doctors about the lens he now has in his right eye.

Dad got dressed, and we headed to the Shuttle Stop to catch a ride back to the Parking Garage to our vehicle.

It was Sobering visiting the VA and seeing all the other Soldiers.
I said many Prayers in the Chapel.
I met a lot of great people. Everyone was nice.

On the way home, we stopped and got Dad a BBQ plate to go.

By 1:30 PM, I was back home.

That’s all for now.


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