Ground Zero Blues Club – Clarksdale Ms

—Last Stop—
—Ground Zero Blues Club—

After seeing the Grave of Blues Legend “Robert Johnson,” going to “The Crossroads,” and learning more about “The Blues” than I ever knew, it was time to listen to some Blues. Real Blues.

“Ground Zero,” located in Clarksdale, Mississippi, is known World-Wide for its Blues Music.
Ground Zero is Owned by “Morgan Freeman” (Yes. That Morgan Freeman), Howard Stovall, and Eric Meier.
Clarksdale has always been called “Ground Zero” for the Blues. —It all seemed to have started right in Clarksdale.
So what better name for the Blues Club?

Opened in May of 2001, Ground Zero is in an Old Cotton Gin Warehouse built in the early 1900s.
I was told the only renovation they did was add the Stage and Sound Booth, as well as the Kitchen Equipment. Everything seems to be original.
The doors appear to be original, as do the floors.
The upstairs was renovated, though—more on that in a bit.

As you walk in, you’re met with Pool Tables.
Gambling was taking place, and the Players all seemed to be having a great time Shooting Pool. I Keep walking straight, find a table, and have a seat. All tables are shared with the Public.

Upstairs has Seven Apartments for rent. Nice Apartments, too.
The Apartments can get rented nightly or for longer.

From time to time, Ground Zero does have Big-Name-Bands, but the Club tries to stick with true, Local Blues Musicians living in “The Delta” and playing “Delta Blues,” just like their Musical Forefathers.
You are more likely to see and hear someone(s) you’ve never heard of playing their Blues than someone(s) you know.

People from all Races are inside the Club.
Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are all found inside.
Everyone was Friendly. Everyone was Welcome.
Even I, with my Social Anxiety, felt comfortable inside the Club.
The fact that I was with my Older Brother and Dad may have helped with my Anxiety.

People from all over the World visit the Club, too.
While I was there, a couple from Australia was in the audience.

Signing the walls is Expected—if you can find a spot.
It’s customary to say where you’re from if you sign the wall.
I saw signatures from Germany, England, Australia, and many U.S. States.

Performing the night I attended was a “No Name” from The Delta.
The Guitarist, who was also the Singer, Whaled on his Guitar all night long. I don’t think he will be a “No Name Artist” for much longer. I could be wrong. He was very good at playing, though. Very entertaining.

They serve Traditional Southern Foods and have a bar with many Beers on Tap.
I had the BBQ Nachos to eat and recommend them if you like BBQ Nachos.
My Older Brother ordered the Fried Pickles, and those were also Good.
I had a Diet Coke to drink.
I wish I had tried their Hot Wings—next time, I will.

As I sat there listening to The Blues, I looked around; I saw people from all different backgrounds. From different worlds. With diverse educational backgrounds.
All different Colors.
All were enjoying each other’s company.
All were enjoying the music—the Blues.
My Heart Genuinely felt Warm.
It was Beautiful.

And the perfect ending to an already Great Day.

—The End—

Love you,