Pepper Steak

I got another lesson from the “Meat Man” at the local “Pig.”

He told me of a cheaper cut of meat that has the same grade as a Ribeye.
I believe it’s called “Chuck Eye.”
Each cut was pretty thick, and I got three for eighteen dollars. That’s about six bucks each.
That’s not the story, though…

“Papa, show me how you season your steaks, please. Yours always come out good.”

“Okay. Hand me the Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder.”
I gather the supplies and hand them to him.

“Now, the Salt helps to bring out the flavor,” and he Salts the meat.

“Next, we will add the Pepper. The right amount of Pepper is crucial,” and he begins Peppering the Steaks…

…I’m sure you’ve seen the picture by now…


The top came off, and the Pepper spilled all over the Steaks.

“Well, it looks like we’re having Pepper Steak for supper,” Papa says.
We went with it, wiping off what we could, and continued on.

It was alright. It had a “bite” to it.

Papa bought a HUGE frying pan which helped out tremendously.
I love that frying pan.

Remember, the “Chuck Eye” Steak is the same grade as a Ribeye at a lower price.

Also, Proper Peppering of your Steak is crucial.

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