Bye Bye Spring Break

Spring Break is over at our house.
We had two weeks of it.
One Niece was out the week before last, and the other was out last week.
So, I got a break from driving one Niece to and from school.

This morning, though, that all changes.
The regular schedule starts back today.

Yesterday, I made Breakfast for lunch.
Breakfast is extra good for lunch or supper. You should try it.
I scrambled eight eggs, making the meal cost over forty dollars, fried bacon, and sausage.
Then, using the oil left over from the frying, I made Milk Gravy.
It’s made by adding flour and milk to the leftover oil in the frying pan—salt and pepper it to taste.
The biscuits were out of the can.
I have a friend who makes her biscuits by hand: the dough and all.
“Cat Head” biscuits, they’re called.
Aside from the biscuits, she’d be proud of the meal I made.

I got up at 5 AM this morning and took “Tommy the Dawg” for an early morning drive. It was raining out. Still, Tommy put his head out the window. I imagine the rain felt like little BB’s hitting his head as I drove through the rain.

Once back home, I took my shower.
It’s now 6:50 AM, and I’m about to take Niece Number Two to School.
Tommy is sitting at my feet.

That’s all for now.

Love you,