Special Smiles

We all smile.
I believe we each have a Special Smile, though.
It’s set apart from our other Smiles. It’s different—a subtle difference but a difference still.

It’s the Smile you make when your Best Friend remembers something important that you thought they wouldn’t remember.

The Smile you make when you walk into a room full of people who yell, “Surprise!”

The Smile you make when your Wife or Husband sends Flowers to you at work.

Or the Smile you make when you open your Lunch Box and see a note from your momma.

I saw that Smile on my Niece today.

My Niece walked outside the house and stood on the front porch.
And as she looked around the Yard at what her friends had done for her during the night, a Smile grew on her face. —That Smile.
Her “Special” Smile.

Her friends had taken the time to remember her during this Homecoming Week.

And they Rolled her Yard.

“Yard Rolling” is a traditional part of Homecoming Week here in the South.
It’s all in fun, and the adults try not to let it get them mad.
Yes, WE will all have to clean it up. It’s worth it, though.

We were all smiling our Special Smile this morning.

I was Smiling because one of my Late Brother’s Children was included.
I think that’s maybe why Mom and Papa were Smiling their Special Smile.

And I think my Niece was Smiling her Special Smile because her Friends Cared for and Remembered Her.
Everyone like’s being remembered and included.

Weird how getting your Yard Rolled can bring a smile to your face.